Temazepam Side Effects

Temazepam Side Effects

A side effect can be described as a symptom or feeling which is undesirable and typically secondary to the medical treatment effects. The body is complex and each person's body chemistry is unique. It is for this reason that side effects may occur, because the complication lies in designing medications which can target one area of the body without affecting another.

The individualisation makes it difficult to formulate a medication to suit one person when all people are different and unique.

Temazepam side effects can be mild or moderate in severity. They typically appear when the medication is initiated as the substance is new to the body, when the dosage is too high as there is too much of the pharmaceutical ingredients in the body, or when the medicine is stopped abruptly as the body has become accustomed to a substance which it is no longer receiving.

Mild side effects can be treated with general management strategies such as drinking plenty of water, using other therapeutics to target the adverse effect or exercise routines. If these are severe and disrupting your daily life or activities, then medical advice would be recommended.

Common Temazepam Side Effects

The side effects which are commonly or frequently reported are those which have a frequency of between 1 in 10 people and 1 in 100 people. This information (frequency and the detailed adverse effects) can be found on your patient information leaflet (PIL).

Common 20 mg temazepam side effects include drowsiness, dizziness, slurred speech, loss of co-ordination with regard to the muscles and indigestion. If these adverse effects do occur, the severity is often mild. The severity of side effects can be heightened when there are signs of muscle weakness observed.

The onset of side effects does not necessarily mean that the medication is no longer useful or treatment via that specific pharmaceutical ought to persist no more. However, you should also not have to endure serious or intensely negative adverse effects either.

  • Following dosage and usage instructions minimises risks of side effects in general and optimises positive results.

Uncommon Temazepam Side Effects

The frequency of uncommon side effects are decreased to between 1 in 100 and 1 in 1000 people being potentially affected. Therapeutic indications and the adverse effects can both be measured in terms of the physiological and behavioural responses of the user to the treatment.

The different types of framing can influence one's perception of the risk. For example, when using the term "uncommon" the probability may seem unlikely. The numeric frequency should be taken into account as it gives an indication of the number of trail patients affected when the medication had been researched.

Buchter et al. (2014) analysed the types of framing with regard to the occurrence of side effects. They suggested that verbal indicators such as "common", "uncommon", "rare" etc. lead to an overestimation of the probability of the side effects. They concluded their study by suggesting that numerical framing often ends with more appropriate estimates and increases customer satisfaction. They went on to say that the providers of consumer health information ought to quantify the probabilities numerically.

Some of the uncommon temazepam side effects prevalent in 0.5% to 0.9% of the test population were categorised as those affecting the:

Central nervous system (CNS): tremors, anorexia, ataxia and loss of equilibrium

Musculoskeletal: back pains

Gastrointestinal: vomiting

Cardiovascular: heart palpitations

Temazepam Side Effect

Rare Temazepam Side Effects

Rare temazepam side effects have been shown to affect fewer of the population in the trial group of a clinical study as compared to the uncommon side effects. This was less than 0.5% of the test group. The rare adverse effects included hallucinations, high levels of white blood cells, amnesia, a degree of greater stimulation and agitation.

The frequency of rare side effects of sleeping tablets affects between 1 in 1000 and 1 in 10 000 people according to the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom.

If these side effects do occur and there are signs of life-threatening events, the patient should seek medical attention immediately. Life threatening events can include severe agitation where the patient may cause harm to themselves or those around them, hallucinations which are causing changes to the behaviour or mood of the patient and overstimulation in which the sensory overload becomes detrimental to the health of the individual.

Temazepam Effects Explained

Side effects can occur with almost any type of medication. It is a common likelihood of gastrointestinal issues as the ingredients of the therapeutic pass through the stomach. It can be difficult at times to determine if or when these side effects are serious or life-threatening.

The eradication of certain temazepam side effects may be achieved with continued use of the sleeping pills. This is as the body becomes used to the new substances it is receiving. In other cases, the treatment schedule can be altered so as to lessen the severity or stop the occurrence of the adverse events.

On the other hand, new side effects or a change in the existing effects is also possible. The adverse effects can change over time. A tolerance or intolerance is both possible. This is related to the unique body chemistry of the patient.

In general, any form of allergic reaction requires the medication to be discontinued. Allergies, although they are often mild or temporary, can become harmful in cases where there is swelling of the air passages which restricts the flow of oxygen. This is known as angioedema.

The effectiveness of the therapeutic is not directly linked to the onset of the side effects. This means that if there are side effects, it does not necessarily mean that the medicine is working more effectively. Some may present without symptoms and can still be gaining from the therapeutic benefits; in most cases, more patients benefit this way. The effectiveness of a pharmaceutical is related to the efficacy, safety and tolerance of the medication.

It is important to note the side effects of temazepam tablets so you are aware of what you can expect. This will allow you to identify if the adverse event may be related to the medication or to an unrelated event or substance. If you do not retain your PIL, the information relating to the frequency and types of side effects can be acquired electronically or by contacting the manufacturer, supplier or online pharmacy.

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